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Árboles forestales



We produce alternative energies, valuing sustainable development as our main objective. We comply with the highest standards in the market Norms (IRAM, ASTM, DIM, etc.). We take care of the environment by helping to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. We produce Spirulina globally to help fight malnutrition.


We carry out the treatment of urban solid waste as well as we carry out the treatment of liquid effluents. Comprehensive environmental management and occupational safety CDM projects - Carbon credits Alternative energies Ecofriendly products Development of sustainable architecture projects


The systematization and elaboration of a comprehensive project is the distinctive feature of our company, where we can express all the experience with a professional commitment, with the incorporation of high-tech implications, supported by the development of techno-economic feasibilities, which allow a satisfactory end result.


Technical and scientific research and innovative production of spirulina and other algae worldwide. Use of spirulina as a human and animal food supplement, superfood production, extraction of pure phycocyanin, absorption of CO2 in the atmosphere.

About Us

We protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gases, generate genuine employment, and boost regional economies, with great social commitment. For 23 years, we have built and operated at a global level, with private financing and technology, five integrated plants for the treatment of Household Solid Waste, with generation of electricity, biogas, obtaining biofertilizer, balanced feed for animals, cultivation of algae. as a dietary supplement, and obtaining green bonds, all within the framework of the Circular Economy concept.


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Avda. Bruselas 672 - CABA - C.P. 1408  República Argentina.

Tel: +54 11 4641-0762 y rotativas

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